U.S. Cannabis Company Focused ETF To Premiere on NYSE ARCA on September 2

On September 2nd, AdvisorShares newest ETF - MSOS - will be debuting on the NYSE ARCA exchange.

Self-described as an ETF seeking "long-term capital appreciation", MSOS is the first - and only - actively managed U.S.-listed ETF dedicated to providing exposure focusing exclusively on U.S.-based cannabis companies, including multi-state operators.

$MSOS will begin trading on September 2

AdvisorShares identifies the following as "Key Attributes" for their U.S.-centric ETF:

  • Dedicated U.S. Cannabis Exposure – Even with limited legal availability, the U.S. cannabis market is the largest in the world and is forecast to remain so into the immediate future. The U.S. is also recognized as a leader in the cannabis space, having a reputation for creating some of the best and innovative products, as well as, mastering large scale cultivation. With exposure to U.S. companies spanning a variety of cannabis-related businesses, MSOS seeks to take advantage of this growth opportunity.

  • Emerging Growth Opportunity – Cannabis securities span multiple industries including agriculture, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, real estate, retail, finance, and other medical applications. The portfolio manager believes that an evolving landscape of select, cannabis-related companies may provide upside potential that may lead to attractive growth opportunities, including the potential for merger and acquisition activity as the market matures and evolves.

  • Active Management – The cannabis marketplace is quickly evolving, witnessing ongoing innovation, and seeing an influx of new companies. Additionally, cannabis-related securities can experience fluctuation and rapid change. Using daily, active management, MSO’s portfolio manager can adjust the portfolio more quickly and opportunistically than a passive index-based strategy that must wait for periodic rebalancing.

AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF holdings are as follows:

To learn more about the companies held by the ETF, visit their investor dashboards here.

The ETF's website can be found here. View the press release announcement here.

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