KushCo & Cresco Labs File Prospectuses, Benzinga Videos, Harvest To Buy IL Disp, New iAnthus Options

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KushCo & Cresco Labs File Prospectuses

On 04/24, KushCo Holdings filed a preliminary prospectus which will allow the company to raise up to $250,000,000 (USD) by way of issuing any combination of common stock, preferred stock, warrants, debt securities, and units.

KushCo Can Raise Up To $250MM

Additionally, on 04/26, Cresco Labs published their own prospectus that permits them to raise up to $500,000,000 (CAD) by way of issuing any combination of: subordinate voting shares, debt securities, subscription receipts, warrants, and units.

Cresco Labs Can Raise Up To $500MM

After the time of this publishing, Cresco Labs disseminated a press release going into more detail about this prospectus. Speaking to this filing, Cresco Labs CEO, Charlie Bachtell, had this to say:

“Although we have no immediate plans to raise capital through this shelf filing, we believe it’s prudent to give the Company the flexibility to access capital in the future when opportunities emerge to continue executing on our growth strategies..”

Something important worth noting is that Trulieve filed a similar prospectus on 02/14/19 and have yet to engage in any form of capital raising. These shelf registrations are a method for publicly-traded companies to register new stock offerings without having to issue them immediately, as the securities can be issued at any time within a two-year period.

Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference Video Round-Up

Below are all of the videos from the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference that feature various key management members from the companies we cover on our website. For more information about the conference, please visit their website.

Full credit goes to Benzinga, and their sponsors, for putting on such a great event and allowing the general public an opportunity to access all of this great media.

4Front/Cannex President, Kris Krane:

Curaleaf CFO, Neil Davidson:

Harvest Health & Recreation CEO, Steve White:

iAnthus CFO, Julius Kalcevich:

KushCo Holdings EVP of Corporate Development, Stephen Christoffersen:

MedMen Managing Director of Analyst Relations, Vahan Ajamian:

Trulieve CEO, Kim Rivers:

Vireo Health CEO, Dr. Kyle Kingsley:

Fireside Chat w/ Harvest Health and Recreation's CEO, Steve White:

Fireside Chat w/ Cresco Labs CEO, Charlie Bachtell:

Harvest Health & Recreation to purchase a dispensary in Chicago

Per a CSE filing published by the company on 04/23, Harvest Health looks to be purchasing a dispensary in Chicago, Illinois: Modern Cannabis ("MOCA"). As we have similarly seen with their most recent acquisitions (Falcon, Devine Hunter, and CannaPharmacy), this deal looks as if it will again be made with "a non-material undisclosed amount of stock". To learn more about MOCA, please refer to their website.

iAnthus Grants New Stock Options

On 04/23, iAnthus has submitted a new "Form 11", or Notice of Proposed Stock Option Grant or Amendment. The full document can be found here, with a screenshot of the new options attached below:

iAnthus Grants New Stock Options

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