Cannabis Companies Encounter Dispensary Destruction In Wake Of Unrest Due To George Floyd Murder

Mass protests broke out over this past weekend all across America, with the outrage catalyzed by the murder of George Floyd, who was killed by a Minneapolis police officer on May 25.

People seeking to make a donation directly to the family can find GoFundMe links both here and here. Those interested in seeking out other charities to support can access the list found within this article.

With the aforementioned protests, there have been various incidences of looting and rioting. Some of those activities were aimed at cannabis businesses operated by the companies we cover.

"Our store will be rebuilt. George Floyd will still be dead. If in the end all of this pain and destruction leads to real reform and an end to the murder of young black and brown people at the hands of the police, it's a price I'm willing to pay. I sincerely hope this will not have all been in vain."
  • Kris Krane, President of 4Front Ventures

MedMen Temporarily Shuts Down All Dispensary Locations

MedMen has temporarily closed down all of their dispensary locations, along with their corporate offices. This decision was made earlier today and disseminated to the company via internal memo. An except can be found in the below image (credit to

MedMen specifically stated that its stores in downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and West Hollywood were all heavily damaged, alongside other dispensaries in the cannabis community.

Protestors Cause Massive Damage To Dispensaries in Illinois & Elsewhere

View from outside RISE's Cleveland dispensary

Green Thumb Industries' RISE dispensary in Cleveland, Ohio was heavily damaged this past weekend.

4Front's Mission dispensary in Chicago was also destroyed. In a post on his personal Facebook, company President Kris Krane shared further details:

Outside Cresco Labs' Sunnyside dispensary in Lakeview.

Cresco Labs' dispensary in River North was destroyed over the weekend. Additionally, their Lakeview dispensary was seen being boarded up this past Saturday.

Various reports from individuals on Twitter also identified that Columbia Care's Chicago location was looted, although the damage dealt to the store itself is currently unknown.

Curaleaf's Illinois dispensaries - by way of their pending acquisition of Grassroots Cannabis - were also boarded up as of June 1. Windy City Cannabis confirmed that all locations would be temporarily closed "until further notice" on their Twitter account. Also, at least one Herbology dispensary - in Philadelphia - also stated they were temporarily closed.

According to a report by the Chicago Tribune on June 1, all Chicago dispensaries are "closed indefinitely".

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