KushCo Holdings (updated as of June 2020)


// investor presentation

Structure -

fully diluted share count: 160,707,670

market cap: $160,069,900

Financials (Q2) -

last q revenue: $30,143,xxx

last q adj. ebitda: ($14,807,xxx)

last q total assets: $143,533,xxx

last q cash: $11,378,xxx

last q total liabilities: $48,107,xxx

last q net loss: $44,375,xxx

last q operating expenses: $34,484,xxx

last q gross margin: 22%

Licenses (footprint map) --

(please note: as KushCo Holdings has a different business model than the majority of companies listed on this website [multi-state operators], a "footprint map" visualization is not entirely possible nor does it sufficiently explain the company's objectives or focus. please read the company's investor presentation and regulatory filings for more information.)

  • existing facilities: California (3), Washington, Nevada, Colorado, Massachusetts, China, Michigan

  • existing hazmat facilities: California (3), Nevada, Colorado (2), Maine , Arizona


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